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FP-Pigments is a global technology focused producer of high performance engineered specialty products. Our unique in-house developed products offer performance benefits and cost savings in paints and coatings, paper and board, plastics, printing inks as well as other pigment consuming industries.

Significant Raw Material Cost Savings
FP-Pigments’ Opacity Pigment is a highly regarded, industry-proven technology for the partial replacement of TiO₂ pigment, combining high performance with substantial raw material cost savings. Our high brightness opacity pigment save TiO₂ in white paints. It also saves TiO₂ and colors in Point of Sales tint bases, factory-made shades and color pastes.

For water based coatings
For solvent based coatings
For powder coatings
For Plastics

Resources and downloads

TDS FP-460
TDS FP-470
TDS FP-480
TDS FP-530
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