Who we are

Working on smart solutions since 1995

Who we are

Founded in 1995, ALTAKEM CHEMICALS S.L. is a company focused in the distribution of Raw Materials and Specialties for the Chemical Industry.

  • With facilities, we can serve our customers quickly and effectively.
  • Our warehouses ensure material delivery in less than 48 hours to almost anywhere in Spain.
  • Our warehouse facilities are equipped and certified for the reception and handling of all materials. We stock solids, liquids, bulk, and any kind of container, and we can also offer repackaging services
  • Our objective is to supervise and monitor technical consultations and sample requests to facilitate proper, personalized responses at all times.
  • In a context of uncertainty and permanent change, ALTAKEM CHEMICALS boost a solid and protected financial structure guaranteeing its sustainability, with internal and external information and risk control tools.


  • Altakem, through its collaborator with a laboratory in Madrid, supports our clients and suppliers.
  • They have the instrumentation and means necessary to provide solutions to the projects that our clients need.
  • In the external laboratory, the products that Altakem sells are tested and in this way, collect the information and put it at our customers’ service.
  • Our comprehensive understanding of each raw material in the formulation allows us to refine the recipe and empower chemistry’s true value. The aim of Altakem is to add value to the coatings industry by listening to the needs and identifying where there may be gaps in technology and service in order to deliver real solutions to our partners.
  • Providing solutions requires experience and first-hand knowledge.

Technical support is a fundamental part of our working process:





ALTAKEM CHEMICALS is affiliated with the AECQ(SPANISH CHEMICAL COMMERCE ASSOCIATION), which allows us to remain up to date on directives and strategies in the sector and to maintain a permanent exchange of ideas with the other associated members. We currently sit on the board of directors.
At ALTAKEM,we are committed to thorough compliance with REACH and CLP regulations to guarantee the proper use and correct circulation of substances on the marke

Responsible Care (RC)

Altakem is committed to the Principles of the Responsible Care (RC) program, complying with the guidelines set by the program that include both legal aspects of compliance with European standards, as well as ensuring that the company’s activities in terms of health, safety and the environment they do not represent unacceptable risks and document the acquired commitments.

Quality Policy

ALTAKEM Chemicals has taken it upon itself to meet Quality Management System standards in all of its activities.

The demand for quality entails identifying with and making its own, as a company and individually, the concept of customer service, internal and external, meeting the necessary requirements in each case, without errors, and on time, thereby systematically and continuously improving.

Our top priority is the continuous improvement of our products and services to maintain and build upon our customers’ trust.

Environmental Policy

In Altakem Chemicals, S.L. we have as a basic priority for the development of our activity, the satisfaction of the needs of our customers, carrying out our business activity with the least possible impact on the environment and personal health.

Our basic commitment is the sustainable development of our activity based on the implementation and control of the “Responsible Care Program for distributors in Spain for the continuous improvement of Safety, Health and Environmental Protection in all operations” according to the principles of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Ensures compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable at all times and to each of our activities, both by the Company and by all its members.

  • Commitment of the Management and of all the workers with the Sustainable Development, promoting the reduction of risks at work and for the environment.

  • The commitment to continuous improvement in the effectiveness of our activities, based on measurable objectives and the evaluation and control of errors or incidents that may occur.

  • Communicate the commitments made with the environment to all our employees and to any interested party.


Sustainability Policy

Our goal is to satisfy the growing demand for products, optimise our contribution to sustainable development, to cover present needs without compromising those of future generations. Our business practices aim to create value in the short and long term, maximising positive impacts and minimising eventual adverse effects on society and the environment, throughout our entire value chain, through ethical and transparent behaviour.


Our commitments


We assume the commitment to promote the best practices in terms of sustainability and periodically review our performance.

In addition, we assume the commitment to know and analyse the expectations of our different interest groups, such as shareholders and the financial community, employees, customers, partners, suppliers, local communities and society.

Establish guidelines for action, by our values, in matters such as respect for human rights, protection of the environment, health and safety, energy management and the fight against climate change, efficient use of resources, diversity, equality of opportunities, fiscal responsibility, prevention of illegal conduct and fight against corruption.

Understand that sustainability must be integrated into all our businesses and organisational levels, ensuring the availability of the necessary resources, taking into account the perspective of interest groups, and having instruments to:


  • Manage the risks and opportunities of our activities to prevent damage to people, property and the environment.
  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by helping mitigate climate change’s effects by guaranteeing a safe, efficient and accessible energy supply.
  • Ensure compliance with current legal requirements, as well as those others that we subscribe to.
  • Establish objectives to contribute to the goals defined in the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Evaluate and review our risk management and control systems systematically, establishing mechanisms for continuous improvement, evaluating performance throughout the entire life cycle and carrying out the necessary actions to achieve the proposed objectives, defining processes of verification, audit and control to ensure them.
  • Transfer our culture of sustainability to our entire value chain: customers, partners, product and service providers and other stakeholders.
  • Respond transparently to our stakeholders through economic, environmental and social performance indicators published in our reports.
  • Promote the search for sustainable businesses and circular economy, promoting social value creation, and establishing alliances and collaborations with other interest groups.

We have various communication channels, available and accessible, to inform, involve and maintain a continuous dialogue with our stakeholders.


We believe that compliance with this Policy is the responsibility of all our employees.