Bentonite RheoFal™ Series

Organically modified bentonite


RheoFal™ 101, RheoFal™ 102 and RheoFal™ 301 are an easy dispersing organically modified bentonite clay. It is especially suited for low to medium polarity solvent based paints and coatings. It provides excellent viscosity build, sag control and anti-settling properties in these coating systems.


Provides thixotropy
Enables viscosity control
Eliminates settling of pigments & extenders
Can be added as powder or pregel
Provides excellent shelf and heat aged viscosity stability
Provides excellent long-term anti-settling resistance


Rheofal 101
Solvents low and medium polarity
Rheofal 102
Medium and high polarity solvents
Rheofal 301
Water based systems

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Rheofal 101
Rheofal 102
Rheofal 301
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